Last May, 15th, 2011, everything changed, or maybe nothing. Tens of thousands of citizens took the streets in Spain for was going to be the beginning of the biggest social change in the Spanish society, and in the minds of the people and well. Or maybe not… And it wasn't a single '15M movement'; there were many '15M movements', as many as different people. In '15M: Excellent. A wake-up call. Important' we follow one of this experiences in Madrid. Not the most important or spectacular. Just one.

more infos: 15M.cc




    VÍDEO: Copyright 2012 StG Creative Commons BY/SA 3.0

Project Details

  • Proyect of book + documentary 2012
  • Coord. Stéphane M. Grueso
  • Coord. Pablo Soto
  • Coord. Patricia Horrillo
  • 1 x 52' / 90' / color / stereo + book
  • HD - HDCAM
  • more infos: 15M.cc