Off side


The game hasn't started yet. The stadium is empty but thousands of football fans invade the city already. Germany 2006 Football World Cup 2006 takes place in the streets too. This is another World Cup, one of food, drinks, parties and social relations. An alternative and multiethnic landwide party. Thousands of people are in the streets, others try to sleep... Thousands of stories and thousand of characters that we will discover in Off Side. In 14 x 26 minutes we will discover another World Cup, as interesting and exciting as the one held at the stadiums.



    VÍDEO: Copyright 2006 emf/laSexta

Project Details

  • TV Program 2006
  • Dir. Gilles Gasser
  • Prod. Stéphane M. Grueso
  • elegant mob films / laSexta
  • 14 x 28' / color / stereo