one hundred meters away


The untold story of one of the world's hot spots where thousands of workers beast of burden in a struggle to survive. One hundred meters away takes place in Melilla, the terrestrial border between Africa and Europe; a portion of Europe wedged in the African continent, where mobs gather to fight for the scraps of a booming business: smuggling, while waiting for a chance to better their lives. Meanwhile, the Global economy moves on inextricably oblivious of its influence over simple human beings.


    VÍDEO: Copyright 2008-2012 emf/Chello Multicanal/TVE.

Project Details

  • Documentary 2008
  • Dir. Juan Luis de No
  • Exec. Prod. Stéphane M. Grueso
  • elegant mob films / Odisea / TVE
  • 1 x 66' / 56' / color / stereo
  • HD - HDCAM