Between hurricanes


This feature documentary is a journey through the aftermath of hurricane Katrina and into the path of hurricane Rita. A story of discovery through southern Louisiana. The film’s perspective could not be broader. Interviews range from FEMA officials, Red Cross workers, to local volunteers, fire chiefs and shrimp boat fishermen. Each individual delves into their personal opinions about the impact of hurricane Katrina – a multi-faceted economic, political, ecological, ethical, and social storm.
Sharing thoughts on U.S. politics - specifically on federal vs. local government relations, race, and religion – the personal interviews address issues that beg for more attention and discussion.



    VÍDEO: (C) 2005-2012 GröningGrueso FilmprodGbR Creative Commons BY/NC

Project Details

  • Documentary 2005
  • Dir. + Prod. Stéphane M. Grueso
                             & Joanna Gröning
  • G&G Filmproduktion GbR
  • 1 x 56' / color / stereo