The exodus of the rohingyas


Originally from the Rakhine State in West Myanmar, the Muslim Rohingyas escaped from violence from the military regime in 1992 and ever since they had been running from political and ethnic persecution: they had been denied of their citizenship, their lands had been confiscated, and their homes destroyed. They had heavy restrictions to move, work or even marry. Usually their are used as forced work in roads and military constructions.



    VÍDEO: Copyright 2011-2012 emf/Chello Multicanal.

Project Details

  • Documentary Short 2011
  • Dir. Naymuzzaman Khan &
               Javier Gómez Serrano
  • Exec. Prod. Stéphane M. Grueso
  • elegant mob films / Odisea
  • 1 x 29' / color / stereo
  • HD - HDCAM