Shipwreck is the story of Jahur and Lamu, men that work at the ship yards breaking vessels in Chittagong, a coastal province of Bangladesh. This is the story of ordinary Bengali men struggling to raise their families against a backdrop of labor uncertainty, health hazards unknown to us, and salaries that make them the most competitive labor force in the world. Jahur is a cutter, a crafted worker that slices down the ships day and night. He sits at the top of the job positions in the yard. Lamu is older but strong, he is one of those workers that lift and carry steel planks all day. The three of them represent the whole of the man power assembled in the yards. This is their story.



    VÍDEO: Copyright 2010-2012 emf/Chello Multicanal/TVE

Project Details

  • Documentary 2010
  • Dir. Javier Gómez Serrano
  • Prod. Stéphane M. Grueso
  • elegant mob films / TVE / Odisea
  • 1 x 58' / color / stereo
  • HD - HDCAM